Medicaid Office Locations

Find the local Medicaid office in each state. Medicaid is an assistance program that helps with medical coverage for low-income people of every age. If you have questions or concerns about the program, or need assistance in applying or with the eligibility requirements, then select your state below to contact the Medicaid office.

How Does Medicaid Work?

The state gives a notification explaining MERP to anybody applying for Medicaid or long-term services and supports. When the individual dies, the state sends a separate notice to the executor or heirs to inform them that it wants to submit a claim. In order for the state to decide on filing a MERP claim, the notification will ask for information from the representative.

Medicaid Benefits

As a Medicaid provider, each state has complete control over the program. They use government criteria to establish services' length, nature, and extent. A state must provide mandatory Medicaid Benefits. However, it is up to the state to give additional optional Medicaid benefits. A list of advantages may be found below.