Maine Medicaid Office

The Medicaid Office in Maine can assist with questions about the Maine Medicaid Program. This program is state funded for individuals and families in need to help pay for medical care. This could include coverage for doctor visits, hospital visits, dental care, vision care and other medical needs. Below we list the Maine Medicaid office phone number, address and online website so you can contact them to see if you are eligible for the Maine medicaid program. The department that handles the Medicaid Program in Maine is called Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

Medicaid Office Location Maine Department of Health and Human Services
442 Civic Center Drive
11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0011
Medicaid Phone Number 800-977-6740 (Option 2 TTY #711) Medicaid State Website View ME Medicaid Website Medicaid Eligibility Requirements Maine Medicaid Eligibility Information Page Update ME Medicaid Page