California Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

If you are looking to apply for Medicaid in California** then read the information below. Though we try to provide accurate information please note this is for informational purposes. We recommend you contact your California Medicaid Office to verify these eligibility requirements.

California Medicaid Overview
Medi-Cal is California's Medicaid program and the second largest source of health care coverage in the State, after employer-based coverage. Although it is widely known as the program that provides coverage for working families with low incomes, it is also an important source of federal funds for 's hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other providers. "Restricted Medi-Cal" is a program that providesassistance to immigrants awaiting legal status, the uninsured and others who seek coverage on an emergency-basis.

California Medicaid Eligibility
Must be a California resident and have legal immigration status (exceptions granted for certain groups). People on Cash Assistance, Welfare, CalWorks or children leaving Foster Care at age 18 usually qualify automatically.

Medicaid Income Requirements In California
This information is based on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). These income guideline standards were effective starting January 1st, 2014.
Age 0-1 261% FPL
Age 1-5 261% FPL
Age 6-18 261% FPL

Pregnant Women
208% FPL

Parents 133% FPL
Other Adults 133% FPL
Is Medicaid Expanding? Yes

Documents You May Need
Proof of Income
Proof of Pregnancy (if you are pregnant)
Proof of Deductions
Proof You Live in California
Proof of Citizenship, U.S. National or Legal Immigration Status

Medicaid Coverage In California
Medi-Cal offers health, dental, vision, and prescription coverage. Also offered are services for special health problems, like breast cancer, kidney problems, nursing home needs, and AIDS. If you are pregnant, Medi-Cal all pregnancy-related care (prenatal and delivery) are covered. Mothers are covered up to 60 days after delivery.

**The information provided above is a general guideline when applying for California Medicaid. These guidelines can change from time to time, because of that we recommend that you contact your local Medicaid office in California to verify the latest eligibility requirments for Medicaid coverage in California.